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Experiencing the glacier gives you lifelong memories! Putting crampons on your shoes and enjoying the feeling of the ice under your feet is something incredibly unique. You can also easily explore the beauty of the national park while skiing. Or would you rather take a walk in a lush mountain valley and enjoy the quiet sounds of nature? The national park is open for all and accessible to all visitor groups. The variation in experiences can excite both children and adults.

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Glacier hiking

You can hike on the blue ice during summer, and several professional companies offer trips for children and adults on several of the glacier outlets. Glacier hiking without proper equipment or knowledge is dangerous.

Have you ever entered the glacier from underneath during the wintertime and seen how it shapes the bedrock under its surface? During the wintertime, beautiful blue ice caves are created underneath the ice. Please rent an experienced guide if you want to experience this.

For more information about the possibilities in the different regions, have a look at recommendations from the destination companies and visitor centres..

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People on glacier.
Children hiking.


During the summer, hiking is easily accessible on well-prepared trails in the valleys surrounding the glacier, where, if you are lucky, you may come close to grazing animals in the cultural landscape. Or are you tempted to try out steeper hikes that give you a spectacular view from the top and a burning sensation in your thighs?

«Josten på langs»

This Norwegian classic skiing tour where people cross almost the entire length of Jostedalsbreen, is a demanding ski tour in steep terrain. It is only possible during springtime, and due to risk associated with crevasses the tour must be guided by a professional.

Josten på langs.
Person kayaking

Kayaking and rafting

Kayaking gives you time to enjoy the nature around you. Kayaking in front of a calving glacier is a unique experience for most people. Combine this with a glacier hike, and you will gain insight into how water and ice continuously form the landscape within the national park.
White water rafting a glacial river is a thrilling experience.

Popular activities

This short blue ice hike is perfect for parents with active kids who want to explore the magical world of blue ice on the easily accessible Nigardsbreen glacier.

Kids Special Blue Ice Hike

This short blue ice hike is perfect for parents with active kids who want to explore the magical world of blue ice on the easily accessible Nigardsbreen glacier.

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Children on glacier

Hiking in Bøyadalen valley

You can easily spot Bøyabreen up close from the state highway. The hike toward the glacier is family-friendly and easy, and the surroundings are spectacular. You can also walk through lush western Norwegian deciduous forest to Andersbenken, also known as «the Anders Bench». You will get a unique and spectacular view of the glacier from here.

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Glacier hiking at Haugabreen

Haugabreen is an easily accessible glacier in the national park, where you can also enjoy the hike through Haugadalen valley.

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Hiking in Kjenndalen valley

Kjenndalen valley and the glacier outlet Kjenndalsbreen is located at the end of the emerald-green lake Lovatnet.

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The blue ice-cave below Nigardsbreen

Join experienced guides into the ice cave that opens up underneath Nigardsbreen during the wintertime, revealing a world of blue colours in the glacier ice.

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Cave in Nigardsbreen.

Hiking to Austerdalsbreen glacier

«The finest ice scenery in Europe», according to the English climbing pioneer William Cecil Slingsby. The hike from Tungestølen Tourist Cabin to Austerdalsbreen takes you through a beautiful landscape draped with terminal moraines. Here you can enjoy the view of the icefalls named after the Norse gods Loke, Odin and Thor that feed the main glacier outlet of Austerdalsbreen.

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Hike to Mount Skåla

Are you up for the task of Norway’s longest uphill in terms of vertical meters? More than 1800 vertical meters must be tackled from the starting point of the path down by the fjord towards the top at 1848 meters above sea level. What a view up there – a fine reward for your sweat!

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Hiking in Bergsetdalen valley

This hike is a great option for families with younger children. At the end of the picturesque Bergsetdalen lies the majestic Bergsetbreen. On your way there, you can also see two other glaciers named Tuftebreen and Baklibreen.

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