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You will find helpful information at the gateways that will enhance your experience while you are a visitor at Jostedalsbreen National Park.

The visitor centres of Jostedalsbreen




Jostedalsbreen nasjonalparkstyre
Njøsavegen 2
6863 Leikanger
E: jostedalsbreen@statsforvalteren.no



There are many gateways to Jostedalsbreen National Park. The area surrounding the national park holds many options for parking and easy access to information and accommodation near the gateways. Professional companies offer many types of trips and excursions, or you can rent equipment and explore the areas on your own.
There are educational exhibitions at the visitor centres, and the staff have knowledge of the area and offer nature guiding. Also, the villages surrounding the glacier are often natural attractions, and their nature and cultural heritage are well worth exploring.
Title Address Description
Loen, Norge
Fjærlandsfjorden 13, 6848 Fjærland, Norge
Breheimsenteret, Brevegen 8, 6871 Jostedal, Norge
Briksdalsbreen, Stryn, Norge

The Briksdalsbreen glacier

The Briksdalsbreen glacier plunges into the green and narrow Briksdalen valley, located in the innermost part of the Oldedalen valley. Since the mid-1800s, tourists have come gaze upon the landscape, the glacier, and the waterfalls. Here you may park your car, find tourist information, eat food, and explore hiking suitable for all levels. You will find information about the national park and many other of the region’s attractions at the visitor centre in Oppstryn.

Jostedalsbreen National Park Center’s website

The Nigardsbreen glacier

The Nigardsbreen glacier stretches almost all the way down to the Nigardsbrevatnet lake in the end of Jostedalen valley. This glacier is famous for its easy access with the possibility of glacier walks that are offered by experienced guides using proper equipment. From Breheimsenteret you can follow the informative and interesting nature trail all the way to the Nigardsbrevatnet lake. During the trip you can learn more about geology, history, and glaciers. A large parking area is available, and a boat service operates on the Nigardsbrevatnet lake during the summer. The visitor centre provides valuable information about the nature reserve and the national parks to which it borders.

Jostedalsbreen National Park Center’s website


The Bøyabreen glacier

The Bøyabreen glacier is easily visible towards the Bøyadalen valley in Fjærland and is situated right by the road – you can’t miss the blue-white wall of ice that meets you! There are parking and hiking options here, and you will find information about the national park and other attractions in the area in the visitor centre that lies only minutes away in Fjærland.



Loen is one of the most popular destinations in the Western region of Norway, with many possibilities for an active holiday. Loen and the surrounding areas are a natural starting point for many experiences in the national park.

Loen active’s website